Samples Policy

In an ideal world we would love to be able to send out samples to all our clients on request however experience has shown us this is not feasible.

We dispatch all goods as new and as such are governed by our new garment policy in that all of our clients expect and rightly so that they will receive new garments or products. However over the years we have had a lot of garments and products not returned in a satisfactory condition, so much so that we are unable to use them again in many cases which over time starts to get expensive and increases our overheads. By keeping our overheads to minimum is what allows us to give the best prices in the industry to our clients. The administrative costs involved with :

  1. Those who do not return samples.
  2. Samples returned in unsatisfactory condition.
  3. The processes involved with ordering and dispatching samples.
  4. Return authorities and associated paperwork.
  5. Restocking fees charged by our suppliers.

All of these things make sampling a unviable option so our policy is now that all samples must be purchased - no samples will be dispatched unless invoiced and fully paid for. However the samples can be returned for decoration with the main order if required.

All samples are sent out as per the listed price plus delivery fee if applicable.

We do however regularly credit the some purchased samples on placement of orders over 100 items of the sampled style.

If you have any further enquires on samples please contact our Customer Service Team or email us at